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I’m always a bit weary of recommending stuff for people to watch. It’s not that I don’t have exquisite taste in movies (see all previous medium posts), it’s just that my tastes are frenetic and at times, just plain bad. Even a really not so great movie (see my Coffee & Kareem post) can have value for me. Having said that, the very fact that my tastes are so varied will benefit you the reader as diversity is key in expanding your film watching horizons and I love talking about Mifune as much as Neo from the Matrix, and maybe one or both of those things seem cool to you. So, without further ado, here is some shit to watch on your idiot box.


April 1

“Bloodsport” — Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of those 80s action heroes that time forgot. A probably c-tier action star, Van Damme just never got to the heights of even guys like Chuck Norris and was certainly no Schwarzenegger, however, “Bloodsport” is a seriously bad ass kickboxing movie. Sure the music is cheese ball, the love story is shoehorned in and the comedy corny as hell. But that last fight scene is so hype it gets me pumped just thinking about it. And the villain is played by the legendary Bolo Yeung (Bolo from “Enter The Dragon”) and Forest Whitaker is randomly in it as a US Army investigator which is a nice bonus.

Other movies to look out for — Lethal Weapon 1–4, Matrix Trilogy, Minority Report (I’ll do write ups on these and also I know this is super piecemeal but I’ll be sure to work out the format for May streaming).

April 2

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” — What else is there to say? Arguably the greatest film ever made is on Netflix and you should watch it, because you have no place to go, you’re getting all your food delivered to you and if you don’t take this opportunity to watch this masterpiece, you’re probably one of those people that’s still going to farmer’s markets so shame on you go home and watch this movie!

April 3

“Coffee and Kareem” — I wrote about this movie the other day. Watch the movie then read my post!

April 4

“The Killing of a Sacred Deer” — I have not watched this movie yet, but I was a big fan of “The Lobster” so I’m stoked to watch this second Yorgos Lanthimos/Colin Farrell collab.

Side note: I will also recommend TV shows, just not this time around. We are winging this one so bear with me.


April 8

“Parasite” — Yes that “Parasite.” Haven’t seen it yet, so stay tuned for my thoughts.

Amazon Prime

April 16

“The Lighthouse” — Same thing. Haven’t seen it. I did see “The Witch” and loved that movie so I’m stoked for this.

April 1–30

Bond, James Bond — There’s a lot of classic Bond movies on Amazon Prime this month. Highlights for me are “Live in Let Die,” “Goldeneye,” “On Her Majesty’s Service” and all the Dalton Bonds. Considering Bond 25 was pushed back to November, get it on the classics.

Criterion Channel

I know this is a very niche streaming service but this is the streaming service I frequent the most. Here are some films I’ll be watching for the first time and writing about in the weeks to come.

April 6

“Pixote” — Just wrote about this film. Watch it.

April 8

“In a Lonely Place” — Humprey Bogart and Gloria Grahame are in this Nicholas Ray directed noir. I’ve never seen this movie and will be rectifying that fact tomorrow as of writing this.

April 10

“Staying Vertical” — This is Alain Guiraudie’s follow up to “Stranger by the Lake.” That film is incredibly gay including incredibly explicit gay sex, and I say that is a bit of warning if you dive into that film. I know nothing of “Staying Vertical” so I’ll get back to you on how its gayness stacks up.

April 15

“The Fits” — I know nothing about this film but it was pointed out to me on Twitter so stay tuned for that write up.

April 19

Maurice Pialat Collection — I don’t know exactly which films I’ll watch in this collection but I had a feeling so I’m gonna dive in.

April 23

Early Douglas Sirk — This pick is solely due to the reference of Douglas Sirk from “Pulp Fiction.”

That’s all for now! See you soon. Brb.



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